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"We’ve had The Gander Disbander on our property for the last 4yrs. We have seen a significant decrease in the number of geese hanging around. The recent updates of laser color and timing adjusts I feel have even made more of a difference in our goose control program. We’ve implemented some portable units also to move to areas we see geese congregate and it’s been a very effective control measure as well."

Justin VanLanduit

Superintendent Briarwood Country Club

Deerfield, IL



"Product is working well.  The geese that were hanging around our ponds are mostly gone."


Gander Disbander Customer



"Dan the laser is working great so far. No Geese yet!!!"

Gander Disbander Customer



"We purchased 2 Gander Disbanders in the spring of 2018 after several years of having a well-trained Border Collie goose dog.

Since installation of the Disbanders, the club property has not witnessed 1 single goose on the property. This is contrary to the pairs of geese that would “leapfrog” from pond to pond, avoiding the goose dog in years past.

I recommend this product without hesitation."


Michael Heustis

Golf Course Superintendent

Biltmore Forest Country Club

Asheville, North Carolina



An article written in the USGA green section.

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