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Learning from Experience

Would you need a unit for every spot that geese land? 

Our experience is that it is best to place units where geese are causing the most damage or leaving considerable droppings.  Our lasers will easily span 200 yards in a 360 degree circumference (all directions). This creates a laser grid across a pond or level land surfaces.  A Google image of the course can be used to layout where units would be most effective on your lakes. Coves and peninsulas may block the laser and require extra units.

Are you able to move the unit?

The land based unit is easily movable and a lot of users do that.  In our brochure both the floating and land based units are pictured.  New for 2019 will be a stake mounted unit that can easily go on yellow or red stakes used around ponds indicating a hazard.

Does it work during daytime or only night through early morning?

Our unit works from dusk until dawn as that is when the lasers are most visible.  We have found this scenario to be very effective. Once geese don’t feel safe in ponds for an escape from predators at night they will start going elsewhere.

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